Autodesk Combustion

Autodesk Combustion
Autodesk® Combustion® software is an all-in-one professional compositing application designed to meet the needs of the world's most demanding digital artists. Bring your imagination to life and get your work done faster with the easy-to-use Combustion interface, efficient workflow, and extensive 3D graphics toolset.

Powerful creative tools—Experience in-context access to motion graphics, industry-leading 3D compositing, vector paint, roto, color correction, and much more.
Artist-friendly interface—The easy-to-use interface features multiple-screen, in-context design work, easy navigation, and a schematic node-based view.
Broad interoperability—Combustion software delivers unmatched integration with Autodesk® 3ds Max® 3D animation software and Autodesk® Flint®, Autodesk® Flame®, Autodesk® Inferno®, Autodesk® Fire®, and Autodesk® Smoke® 3D graphic systems.

Features & Specifications
The definitive creative solution for desktop paint, color correction, compositing, and visual effects. Autodesk® Combustion® software is the all-in-one professional compositing application designed to enable the full creative potential of digital video artists. With its easy-to-use interface, nondestructive workflow, and extensive toolset, Combustion delivers incredible power at an economical price and instantly augments the creative potential of any serious desktop video artist.

Key Combustion Features
Single integrated application for vector paint, motion graphics design, animation, and compositing
Full 3D compositing environment
Advanced visual effects tools—keying, color correction, tracking, grain management, and masking tools inherited from the Flame visual effects system
Edit Operator—break free from your NLE and assemble clips complete with transitions right in Combustion
Rich set of effects tools, including a fully integrated, interactive particle system, warping and morphing, and 3D Post filters
Comprehensive paint and rotoscoping tools, including fully customizable brushes
Comprehensive animation tools, animation curve editor, keyframing, and expressions
Intuitive schematic view to simplify visualization and organization of complex effects
OpenGL® application programming interface acceleration, multiprocessor support, and extensive caching for improved system performance
Multiple simultaneous viewports with real-time RAM looped playback
Resolution-independence with 8-, 10-, 12-, 16-, and 32-bit (float) per component image processing

Colour Warper™ (NEW)
Color Correction
Edit Operator
Character Generation and Text Effects
Particle System
Selections and Masks
Motion Tracking
Advanced Film Tools
Filters and Plug-Ins
Keyframe and Timeline Controls
Schematic View


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