Carbonon Tech Pvt Ltd

Carbonon Tech Pvt. Ltd. :

We do Contract Video Game Development services & work for hire projects for other game developers.

Video Game Development
Our game development division focuses on Contract Video Game Development services. Carbonon provides Video Game Programming services for 2D & 3D downloadable and online games,casual games ,serious games,educational games,art outsourcing, work for hire projects to publishers and game development studios worldwide.
Video Game Development services for:

a) PC game development

b) Console game development (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo) Sony certified PS2 developers .

c) Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG)

d) Virtual worlds - Second Life Development, Active worlds.

We develop games using C++ game development engines like Torque game engine,Torque game builder and also do Flash Virtual worlds ( Smart fox development )and online games.

We use best practices Video Game Development standards and state of the art technology to offer the ideal game development environment to deliver quality solutions on time and on budget. With emphasis on "quality control”, we follow a process-centric game development model that enables efficient and transparent development of games by utilizing the creative and technical advantages of an offshore delivery team.

Flash Game development
We provide programming and graphics services for Flash game development and also Flash virtual worlds using Smartfox server .We have extensive experience in Adobe Flash and Flex.

Second life Development

We provide programming and graphics services for Second life Development and Virtual worlds.

Why outsource to Carbonon?
Our customers require to outsource their 3D Animation, 3D Modeling, Game Art Assets Outsourcing,Video Game Development, web design to reliable third parties. Animation companies like Carbonon undertake such projects on a combination of time, material and fixed rate basis or provides programmers on monthly lease. Attractive cost benefits result from projects that are executed by us at our development facilities in Chennai, India.

Carbonon Tech Pvt. Ltd
333, 1st Floor, Tiruvalluvar Road
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Postal/Zip Code: 600 037



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