PhotoKey 3

PhotoKey 3
By photographing your subjects against a greenscreen you can transport them to anywhere in the world and place them in front of any background. All you need is PhotoKey 3, the latest version of FXhome’s powerful, best-selling compositing software. It’s an easy, fun and creative way to expand your photographic horizons.

Fast, high quality results
There’s no waiting around for PhotoKey 3, with its automatic keying ability and professional compositing features creating high quality results in just a couple of clicks. All you need to do is import your foreground and background images and let PhotoKey 3 do the rest. If you want more control you can manually adjust the settings whenever you want. Whether you’re after speed, quality or both, PhotoKey 3 provides the tools you need.

Easy to learn
Powerful doesn’t have to mean difficult. PhotoKey 3 has been designed to be intuitive and simple to use, whether you’re new to greenscreen photography or are already an expert. The interface provides streamlined access to all the tools, providing a natural workflow that guides you through the compositing process from start to finish. You’ll be up and running in no time – check out the free demo if you don’t believe us.

Creative & fun
PhotoKey 3 is about providing exciting creative options in addition to the essential compositing features. A comprehensive range of color correction filters and special effects can be used to stylize your images, while the overlay layer can transform your project into a greeting card or magazine front cover. Check out the FXhome image packs to see some of the options – and you can always create your own.

Versatile features
PhotoKey 3 provides everything you need to create amazing composites. You don’t need to use any other image editing software, as your foreground and background layers can be positioned, adjusted and finished from inside PhotoKey 3. The flexible masking tools ensure great results from even the most challenging of source material.

Greenscreen & Bluescreen
Create perfect composites every time using PhotoKey 3's highly automated keying abilities. Choose your photos and let PhotoKey 3 do the rest!

Color Filters
Use powerful color grading filters to blend your foreground and background seamlessly, or to create an exciting visual style.

Fix problematic greenscreens and clothing color clashes using PhotoKey 3's hand-drawn masks.

Special Effects
Add the finishing touches to your photos using PhotoKey 3's effects such as light spill, sepia and silhouette.

Add custom titles to your images, choosing from any font on your computer and a variety of justification and formatting options, including color, opacity and rotation.

Export Options
Print directly from PhotoKey 3 or save to a high resolution, lossless image file. Alpha channel data can be saved for use in 3rd party software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Precision Controls
Enter values directly or use accurate controls to alter settings incrementally. Enter values directly or use accurate controls to alter settings incrementally.

Exotic Locations
PhotoKey 3 can use any still image for the background. Take your models and clients to exotic locations from the comfort of your greenscreen studio!

Multiple Resolutions
Choose from a selection of standard photographic sizes from 2"x2" to 11"x14" up to a high resolution of 400dpi. Alter your canvas size and shape at any time to suit your needs.

Greeting Cards
Design your own customized greeting cards with PhotoKey 3's layout guides and a selection of seasonal overlays.

Custom Interface
Change the layout of the interface to fit your own way of working.


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