TVPaint (also known as TVP) is a 2D, bitmap-based digital animation software package, developed and distributed by TVPaint Developement (France). The TVPaint technology is being distributed under various names such as Newtek Aura and Bauhaus Mirage, although at present, TVPaint Developpement has begun marketing TVPaint under its own name. It has been developed for the Amiga platform and then ported to the IBM PC compatible and Apple Macintosh platforms and is currently at version 9. The latest Amiga version available is 3.59 and is distributed publicly, but the source code is still proprietary. TVPaint is bitmap-based, which is contrary to vector-based animation programs such as Adobe Flash and Toon Boom Studio. TVPaint manages large amounts of bitmap-based footage using a proxy playback system and scratch disks. It supports several different image formats such as JPG, TGA, FLI, Quicktime, AVI, BMP, PCX, PNG, TIFF, PSD, GIF, and DEEP (TVPaint's proprietary sequence format).


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