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TODO Animations stands for every thing in animation. We are major provider of 3D Animation to the industries in the world where 3D requires. TODO Animation was founded in Chennai, India, year 2010. TODO Offers its worldwide clientele end – to – end Animation service includes 3D Animation Movies & Ads, Architectural Walk-through, Industrial Product-Demos, Bio-Medical Animation, Live vs Computer Graphics, Title Animation and other part of digital filming.

TODO offers top-quality and creativity in character design and animation at competitive prices. We work for result not for money. The most updated technology in 3D animation industry is used at TODO, which is attracted by lot of customers. We have plenty of much talented and experienced artists to do any kind of project in any Quality required. So our key formula is Artistic brain + Latest technology = Creativity and Quality. TODO has expanded its wings in Michigan, USA.


We offer Script – to – Screen services with good experienced people in order to achieve best Quality and Creativity for the following services.
1. 3D Animation Movies & Series
2. 3D Animation Ads
3. Architectural Walk-through
4. Industrial Product-Demos
5. Bio-Medical Animation
6. Live vs Computer Graphics
7. Title Animation
8. Digital Matte Painting
9. Visual Effects

How We Do

We cultivate an atmosphere of artistic talent, enthusiasm and teamwork in order to satisfy client’s need. We follow World class Production pipeline that is internally designed and developed by TODO team to complete the project with no compromise in quality, Creativity and Less Production Cost.
The basic pipeline process is mentioned below

1. Story

Here we first visualize the written script into sketched pictures and we call this as storyboard. In this we structure the basic elements like camera angles, sequence staging, plotting and pacing. Lots and lots of sketches will be done in order to achieve best flow of script.

2. Art

In the art department, we have character design artist, set design artist and color artist to create and explore the final look and feel of the film. Our artist designs each and every character with its own personality and look as a unique to meet the requirement of the script. We also concentrate on environment design with new style and creativity to meet the requirement for the film. Our color artist will give their best to see the lighting. Color feel and emotion for the film.

3. 3D Modeling

In this Department we do digital modeling for characters, Sets, Props, Cloths etc. in a digital scanning method to achieve perfection in modeling. First with sketches from the design department we model our objects or character in clay, which is easiest medium for sculpting, and then with scanners we scan our object.

4. Rigging

From pencil, paper and clay a digital character takes perfect shape. This department involves creating the framework that will deform the surface of the model by adding Skeletons and adding weight is a major part of this department. We will understand the anatomy of the character and action trough out the story.

5. Materials

All objects and characters have a surface and texture, for this we create and build surface in order to give life and realism to objects and characters.

6. Layout

In this our team have full responsibility for the appearance of the film, shot by shot and production. Using the storyboard and other sketches we work with director on staging, cutting, continuity and composition of each and every shot.

7. Animation

Animating a character in computer is like moving a puppet character about time line. Animator will pose the character using variety of controls to move head, Hips, arms, legs and etc. to achieve required action. We never compromise to achieve the desired animation, which is sketched as per the storyboard artist. We give soul to the character.

8. Lighting

Our Lighting Department uses newest technology and well knows how to lit a scene in order to achieve the complete look for our films. We work hard to achieve the mood and emotion of our stories.

9. Effects

In special effects team we do amazing looking effects as per the requirement for the film. In computer graphics there are some types of animation that are bettered achieved through computer simulation, than object animation like rain, snow, dust, fog, fire, Cloth, Hair and fur, fluids simulation and etc.

10. Rendering

In this department our render wranglers will touch every frame of the movie before it goes to post production department. This department plays a major roll in production and it is the last department in production. We make all our other production department works as viewable. We involve plenty of render blades with multi core processors in order to complete rendering in required time.

11. Compositing

In compositing, we are small department with big responsibility to achieve the final frame on screen. Rendered images are mixed and effects are added to every shot. We are the first department for post-production to touch a frame. Painting also is carried out in this stage to complete the every shot as final. The final image what you see in screen, what we done in compositing.

12. Editorial

In this department, first we record temporary dialogue from our in-house team to see the action and dialogue for in the film. Once cast is done, we will begin final recording sessions with the help of script and directors. After this we will insert this final recoded track on the rough one. Now the film is ready to go to post production, where we insert final sound effect, dialogue and complete score.

13. R&D

With out this department nothing will happen above. In this we have a small tem of dedicated professionals to develop new technological software for the best result of film production. We closely work with the production team to full fill the requirement for the production.


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