Chicken Little

Chicken Little is a 2005 American CGI family film produced by DisneyToon Studios. The film was animated in-house at WDFA's main headquarters in Burbank, California, and released by Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista Distribution on November 4, 2005. It inspired two video games and one indirect video game was Kingdom Hearts 2, where Chicken Little is a summonable character, one directly based on the movie, the other, Chicken Little: Ace in Action, based on the inaccurate "movie-within-the-movie" depicting Little as a buff action hero. This was Disney's first fully computer animated film, as Pixar's films were distributed but not produced by Disney.

In the small town of Oakey Oaks, Chicken Little rings the school bell and cries for everyone to "run for your lives!" This sends the whole town into a frenzied panic that causes so much havoc that it destroys a small part of the town and Oakey Oaks Tower; eventually they calm down enough to ask him what's wrong, and Chicken Little explains that a piece of the sky shaped like a stop sign had fallen on his head when he was sitting under the big Oak tree in the town square. He's unable to find the piece now. His father, Buck Cluck, ashamedly assumes that this "piece of sky" was just an acorn that had fallen off the tree and had hit him on the head. Chicken Little becomes the laughing stock of the town.

A year later, Little has become infamous in the town for being crazy (his popularity continuing to a book, Compact Cassette audiobook, board game, spoons with pictures of his face on it, a website, a brand of commemorative places an upcoming movie entitled Crazy Little Chicken, billboards and bumper stickers), which has led to people avoiding him because of his supposed insanity, his only friends are outcasts like himself: Abby Mallard, who is called "Ugly Duckling" (who has a crush on Chicken Little); Runt of the Litter, who is extremely large despite being the smallest in the family; and Fish out of Water, who wears a helmet full of water and does not speak, except in gurgles. All have been mocked and teased by neighborhood bully Foxy Loxy and her friend Goosey Loosey.
While on the way to Elementary School, he misses to bus and tries to get to school by sticking a lollipop to a car. He manages to go to school, but loses his pants in the process.He replaces his pants with an origami pants made from his math homework.

During a dodgeball game, Abby tells Little to talk to his dad, when Little wants his dad to be proud of him. To help Little, Abby hands Little magazines about talking to your parents. Soon after, Abby is hit with a dodgeball thrown by Foxy Loxy. Little, fed up with being bullied, tries to stand up to Foxy. Goosey Loosey grabs Little, and flings him into a window. Little accidentally pulls the fire alarm while sliding down the window. The sprinkler system goes off and his paper pants fall off. He gets in trouble with the principal, and his father is more ashamed than ever.
Chicken Little joins his school's Little League baseball team in an attempt to recover his reputation and his father's pride, but is unfairly made last, while Foxy Loxy impresses spectators and the newspapers (headlines including "Foxy, our hero!" and "Foxy does it again!") with her pitches and "miracle catches"—until the ninth inning of the last game. Chicken Little is reluctantly called to bat by the coach, who tells him not to swing as he's certain that if Chicken Little tries to swing, he'll lose the game for them. Little scores an inside-the-park home run, and is hailed as a hero.

But that night back at home, while celebrating his victory by singing "We Are The Champions" in his own style, and his father's praise, he is hit on the head—by what appears to be a hexagon shaped chunk of the sky—only to find out that it is not a piece of the sky, but something else. It is a device which has chameleon characteristics—it's not invisible, but it blends into the background (which would thereby explain why Chicken Little was unable to find it last time). He calls his friends over to help figure out what it is.
When Fish pushes a button on the back of the hexagon, it flies back up into the sky, taking Fish with it. It turns out to be part of the camouflage of an invisible alien spacecraft. They chase the flying ship until it lands; they go inside, encounter a small orange alien, find Fish, and are about to escape when two aliens in robotic suits spot them. A chase ensues that goes outside the ship and into town (the orange alien still following in secret). Little manages to ring the bell to warn everyone, but the aliens see the crowds coming and manage to escape, leaving the orange one behind. No one believes the story of an alien invasion; Little is ridiculed all over again, and everything seems to be going down the tubes for him, until the next day. He and his friends discover the orange alien, and a few minutes later a whole fleet of alien ships descends on the town and start what appears to be an invasion staged to "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)".

The invasion is actually a misunderstanding, as two aliens (who are red and yellow making their child orange) are looking for their lost child (whose name is Kirby) and attack only out of concern. It's not an invasion, it's a rescue mission. As the aliens rampage throughout Oakey Oaks, vaporizing people and objects (among them Foxy Loxy and the mayor) seemingly at random, Little realizes he must return Kirby to his parents to save the planet. At first he tries to do it covertly but once the aliens attack, he's forced to confront his father and regain his trust first. They share a caring moment in a movie theater until Abby interrupts them and requests that they hurry up. Little and Cluck are seen leaving the theater, but before leaving, Chicken Little straightforwardly admits his romantic feelings for Abby and kisses her.
In the invasion, Buck Cluck, now regaining his pride and trust in Little, defends him from the aliens, even going as far as deflecting an incoming vaporizer ray with a garbage can lid, throwing the lid at the creatures, and punching them away at the top of town hall. Abby, Runt and Fish also aid Chicken Little in his quest to return Kirby to his parents. It is then discovered that the aliens weren't vaporizing people, the ray guns teleported them aboard a spaceship. Afterwards, the aliens return everything to normal (though Foxy Loxy's mind was slightly scrambled after she was restored, making her more girly and kind), and Hollywood makes a heavily dramatized film about Chicken Little which ends up as, a cross of Star Trek and Star Wars with, a ship that resembles the Enterprise. At the end of the movie, Little and Abby are seen secretly holding hands in their popcorn bucket, and everyone cheers for Chicken Little's efforts to save the town.


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