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digiBlitz media services:
digiBlitz media services is division of digiBlitz Technologies that provides professional Multimedia, animation & web design services for global customers. Whether the need of the customer is a strong, stylized Internet presence with great, visual appeal or post production support for animated and visual Fx based movies & Television shows or advertisement, digiBlitz Media Services is the One-Stop shop for all the needs.

Why digiBlitz ?
Our fundamental philosphy is "converting the thouhts into productivity". We are creative, dynamic, focussed, and we devote all our time and resources to delivering our clients the highest quality, top of the line products and services that they deserve. We at digiBlitz value our customers and will continue to help service their needs long after the work is complete.

digiBlitz Modeling & Animation Services
3D Animation Services include 3D Graphics, Models, 3D Character Animation, Prototype and LogosFor Architects, Oil and Gas, Industrial Animation and Prototype Animations and Companies Needing 3D Animations and Modelling. From concept to reality your digiBlitz 3D Animation team can bring any paper drawing, design or CAD file to life and give you an insight to how your product or concept would look in reality with 3D Animations. With over 6 years of industry experience, your digiBlitz 3D Studio can create a 3D animation or presentation of any idea or design still on the drawing board or just difficult to describe with words.

Our Chennai based 3D Graphic Design Studio can deliver projects in Character Animation, 3D Graphics, 3D Models and 3D Logos, for Oil and Gas, Architecture, Interior Designers, Inventors, Prototypes, Medical, Industrial, or any companies requiring 3d Animation, 3D Modeling and Presentation or Video production. Let digiBlitz create your next 3D Presentation or Animation for your website or create a high quality advertisement for television and HD Broadcast. digiBlitz provides you an animation based on your specific need using the latest technology in tandem with our video production capability to deliver hybrid video productions.

3D Industrial Animations Services
For Movie, Media & Entertainment Industry >
Our Animation & Film postproduction unit can help you with editing, animation, visual effects and audio mixing. We are a flexible Animation and post production house that offers creative solutions for each of our clients to craft their films throughout the postproduction. We can also provide a complete production team to cover every aspect of your production including cinematographers, choreographers & spot editors. To complement our postproduction services, we also provide a range of in house audio services including narration and character voices (English), sound effects production and music composition

For Businesses > digiBlitz can help you create 3D Animations of your product and show you cutouts and the interior workings of your equipment. Show your customers how to maintain or use your products. Let digiBlitz make an installation or instruction animation video for your product. From detailed instructions on installing or using the equipment to showing policies and procedures in 3D Animation, our Chennai, India based Animation Studio can create 3d simulations for you. digiBlitz can create in class training simulations for hazard recognition and other safety animations and videos with an Animated 3D Character showing the do’s and don’ts to avoid fatal accidents, which would be impossible to show with live video.

For Construction Industry > We offer extensive modeling and animation for construction inustry whether building or house still in blueprint form to animated 3D reality. digiBlitz can create 3D models of specific architectural features. We together with you can create 3D models of specific architectural features, add textures, finishes, interior details and landscaping until you are happy with the design you want. Examine the structure from any perspective and angle to improve the design. We provide excellen value in your marketing process; well before you start your work, we together with your architects can plan out a tour of how your design would look once completed. We will give high performing online models so that the prospective customers and clients can view the models directly from the website. Customer being the decision maker and the consumer will be very much impressed and happy if we take the customer as part of the process.

For Interior Designers > Before the lot is cleared and the building or home is built, or before redoing an existing home, you can literally show clients how the interior design will look when finished. 3D models can include actual furniture, floor and wall treatments, art, drapery, rugs and anything else you can imagine, placed and hung where you want them, without lifting a single box. You can change any of the elements and rework the details as much as you want without moving furniture around. Add music and narration to your completed 3D animation and you have a have an engaging and dramatic walk-thru of your finished designs. Your clients will be delighted.

For Inventors/Entrepreuners/Scientists > digiBlitz can create animations and 3D illustrations for your invention/Ideas to help you submit your ideas in support of your patent application or for pitching it to your clients, customers, prospective investors. We shall show you how your idea on paper would look like in real life, helping you improve your product or design before pitching it.

For Medical & Healthcare > We help you to show how your medicine, product, or procedure works in 3d to give your patients and clients a better understanding of a specific procedure. At digiBlitz we understand human anatomy and can create 3D animations of your procedures.
3D Animated Logos & Graphics for Any Industry > 3D logos can add interest and an animated dimension to your company identity.Animated 3D graphics are traffic stoppers at tradeshows and kiosks.

3D models are great and economical way for prototyping new products3D animations can give new perspectives to existing products such as by showing how products work internally. Use 3D animations for viewing and studying molecular models. Show complex industrial processes and production methodologies. 3D animations can save a trip to the field or to the plant! Use 3D Animations and 3D characters to emulate hazard recognition and safety videos. We want to make our success, your success.

Web Design & Development
digiBlitz Media Services is specializing in custom web designs, web development, professional graphic design, e-commerce, flash animations, and internet marketing. No job is too small, whether it be E-commerce, Flash, 3D Elements, or a simple startup web site. digiBlitz Media Services is the professional custom web design company that you are looking for. At digiBlitz, we make it our job to listen and understand the requirements unique to you or your business. Our goal is to provide each client with a quality Web design that is delivered on time and within budget.

If you already have a web site, and are not 100% satisfied with the representation it portrays, digiBlitz can offer a redesign providing you a more accurate representation of your established image. We can enrich the design through flash animations and custom layouts, giving your site the immediate aura needed to capture your target audience. Your website can be as extravagant or as simple as you desire. There is no limit to the amount of pages your site contains, and you are only limited to your own desires. We will custom create a package to meet any needs.

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