CompositeLab Pro

CompositeLab Pro

CompositeLab Pro opens up a world of new possibilities for creative filmmakers, providing a massive range of tools for altering and combining images and videos to create brand new shots. Discover how to use greenscreen, grading and animation to broaden the horizons of your movies.

Green screen
By shooting your actors against greenscreen, or incorporating a greenscreen into your sets, you can easily expand your vision to include virtual sets, exotic locations and all manner of sci-fi and fantasy possibilities. It can also be used for more down-to-earth projects, such as interview backdrops and presentations. CompositeLab Pro makes working with greenscreen fast and easy.

Amazing effects
CompositeLab Pro includes a versatile collection of compositing features that have limitless potential. Single actors can be turned into clone armies; superhero effects such as flying, superspeed and invisibility can be created with ease; props, people and animals can be shrunk or enlarged to any size; an ordinary beach can be turned into a warzone – there’s no limit to the possibilities.

Stunning visuals
Turn your videos into cinematic masterpieces using CompositeLab Pro’s arsenal of color grading filters. Recreate classic movie looks or forge your own unique style so that your productions look truly professional and stand out from the crowd.

Greenscreen & Bluescreen
A wide variety of sources can be composited, from greenscreen video to photos and CGI. Optimized for miniDV and professional HD studios, the keying process is easy and flexible.

A precise freehand drawing system makes common tasks such as tidying composites garbage matting, simulating depth, layer interaction and area-specific grading quick and easy.

Rotate, resize, move and warp your videos and images, whether you need giant (or miniature!) actors, a flying superhero or picture-in-picture for news broadcasts and presentations.

Color Filters
Filters can color correct your video and composites as well as create a unique, cinematic style for your movie. Any production will benefit from the visual improvements offered by digital grading.

Professional Quality
HD resolution support, additional grading filters, improved performance and enhanced effects engines make CompositeLab Pro the best choice if you want to take your movies to the next level.


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