Animantz Production

Animantz Production
Animantz Production team is segregated under 2D animation, e-Learning and Flash Games.
India currently and in future can be coined as 2D Animation India, witnessing the current trends in the animation industry, where not only the nascent producers but as well the giant studios and animation producers look upon India for their animation production needs. Animantz core strength is its highly experienced animators, profound in flash animation and traditional animation techniques.

Animantz team under Flash games is skilled in developing flash based games, to be more specific, our team is quiet capable of developing 2D games single user, multi user games, Flash animated games.Animantz e-Learning division is skilled in Flash design and programming, xml, Javascript, HTML / extensions, Flash Remoting and other e-learning tools and has the proficiency to SCORM wrap the content on any LMS.

Animantz team is skilled in pre-production activities, viz., character design, character turnaround model sheet, character key poses, character lyp-synch model sheet, character color model sheet, storyboard design, Animatics and slug-in sheet.

Animantz was established in the Year 2005. It started with a small team, catering to animation and eLearning services and currently it has spread its wings under 4 different business-units, ramified to eLearning, 2D Animation, Flash Games and Preproduction. Animantz is a growing elearning and animation studio operating from the heart of Chennai City. Animantz is a SCORM certified eLearning content provider.

Our team has the necessary expertise to produce preproduction contents for TV and web animated contents. Expert in developing characters to international standards, possess the skill to develop cartoon characters, realistic characters, semi-realistic characters, cartoon flash backgrounds, realistic photoshop backgrounds, manual storyboard design, digital storyboard design, timing sheet and Animatics.
Our team is skilled in developing the following:
Character Design / Illustrations
Character turnaround model sheet
Character Key Poses
Character lyp model sheet
Character color model sheet
Bg styling
Storyboard design

Elearning team has the capability to develop contents for online children education and corporate needs. Team is proficient in Flash Design, action script, XML, HTML / Extensions, Javascript, skilled in developing SCORM standard contents (LCMS). We have our own team of SME’s and Instructional Designers.

Web Technologies
Experience in developing, flash sites with intermediate and advanced action script. We are quiet proficient in developing database driven websites and Ecom sites. Our programming strengths include html / extensions, DHTML, AJAX, xml, PHP, MySQL, ASP and

2D Animation
Animantz 2D Team is skilled in traditional and flash animation. Having more than 8+ man years of experience, can produce contents of classical, semi-limited, limited and cut-out styles of animation.
Our 2D team comprises of
Traditional and Digital (flash, toonboom) animators.
SFX animators
FCL Artists
Layout Artists
BG Production Artists
Ink & Paint and Compositing Artists

Flash Games
Animantz games team is skilled in developing flash based games, to be more specific, our team is quiet capable of developing 2D games single user, multi user games and 2D animated games.
Our skill includes, Flash Designers, flash programmers (Intermediate and advanced action script), animators, UI designers and Javascript programmers.

Animantz Creative Animators Private Limited,
Old No:33, New No: 40,7th Cross Street,
Shenoy Nagar,
Chennai- 600 030.India.
Phone No : +91 - 44 - 26211153 / +91 - 9840929191



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