7Seas Technologies Limited

7Seas Technologies Limited

7Seas Technologies Limited is India’s first independent game development company certified by ISO:9001-2000. The company, headquatered at Hyderabad, focus on developing PC Games, Mobile Games, Console Games & Online Games.

Fact Sheet
Public Limited company listed in Ahmedabad Stock Exchange. (ASE).
7seas Technologies focuses on developing PC, Console, Mobile and free Online games.
The company’s development center is based at Hyderabad, India. (ASE).
Team strength: about 100 professional employees.
The company has an 100% subsidiary in USA – fortune7inc for publishing and distribution of its PC,Console, Mobile games.

The vision of 7Seas is to be one of the leading game development companies in the world. 7Seas will achieve this objective through its innovation and hard work, hallmarked by dedication and commitment.

The mission of 7Seas is to produce the games of all categories through teamwork, technology, trust, pursuing excellence and perfection in all endeavors to meet our customer’s needs and expectations for quality products.

Our infrastructure consists of organized Arts & Design, 3D Graphics , 2D Graphics , Compositing, Games Developing and Web Development Departments. We also have updated high-configured multimedia computer systems with high bandwidth internet connection in each department. Complete firewall protection and Backup facility.

PC games:
Kraze : It is India’s First PC Multi Genre Racing game. Armed with an array of the most powerful cars ever designed, players compete for the Kraze Championship which includes racing modes such as Off Road, Rally, F1 and Street Race. Kraze challenges the player's concentration, car handling and racing skills on a variety of environments ranging from narrow city lanes, perilous mountain cliffs to the shimmering sands of a mirage-strewn desert.”
The silent features of Kraze include 13 different vehicles with varying speed and handling, 8 different locations around the world, Off-Road, Rally, F1 & Street Race modes, Championship, Quick Race & Time Trial, Individual profiles and vehicle customization, Slow motion action replays races.

Combo Pack
Greatest collection of 100 creative games: Fun, Action, Puzzle, Kids, and Sports genres, for all age groups. This combo pack of wonderful games, developed by 7Seas Technologies, excavates capabilities, creativity and determination in gamers, also provides complete fun and unforgettable experience!

3D Sudoku
3D Sudoku is a challenging game of Japanese origin where "Su" means number, " Doku" means single. The sudoku board is a lattice, which consists of nine columns and nine rows and is divided into nine 3x3 boxes. Some squares have initial numbers or letters in them, which are called clues. Your task is to fill in all the squares with numbers or letters.

Mobile games:
Neetu -The Alien Killer:
What if the extra terrestrials attack the earth like bolt from the blue? Neetu -The Alien Killer is an extreme 3rd person Role Playing Game of action. Bollywood sizzling babe miss Neetu Chandra is the character in this game! who is sent on a deadly mission to kill the aliens that come from outer space to attack the city of Atlanto in 3000 A.D.

Kraze: Have you ever been in Kraze International Car Race? How would it be if you win in the grand race of super cars? Get the virtual experience of fabulous race cars driving!

Derby 3D: Derby 3D is a fabulous multi-player and single player mobile game on horse racing. Players will be able to choose or wish to begin the race in jockey mode or betting mode. Player can play the game with different horses on different tracks.

Treasure Trove 3D: Treasure Trove is an extreme third person 3D shooting game of thrilling adventure with 7 awesome logical levels of atmospheric game play settings, and splendid graphics that include Water, Lava, Fire and Blood effects. Battle with deadly creatures, quest for treasure.Beautiful female character modeling, thick forest and other terrains, creatures and obstacles are assets of the game.

3D SuDoKu:3D SuDoKu is an addictive world famous Japanese Puzzle game that helps the gamers to test their logical skills . The game consists a large grid of nine 3 x 3 sub-matrices. The 9 x 9 colorful grid is designed so that no two 3 x 3 sub grids of same color are aside.

Planets Of SuDoKu 3D:Unfold the solutions to the genres of SuDoKu puzzles, which you never encountered before! It just needs your simple logic and no Algebra or Calculus! Planets of SuDoKu 3D is an exclusive Jumbo pack of 5 spectacular SuDoku puzzles that specially made for puzzle lovers. This puzzle pack, comprising of Classic-SuDoku, Jigsaw-SuDoku, Diagonal-SuDoku, Even-odd-SuDoku and 147-SuDoku would certainly develops mental ability

Great Elude:Great Elude is a thrilling 3D shooting game that you have ever experienced. This awesome game is unique with 5 interesting levels, 5 types of marvelous terrains, 20 types of enemy vehicles, and encouraging bonus points. Its splendid graphics, sharp music and instructions thrill the player. Easy-to-use controls make the player comfortable in playing the game. You can play the role of a hero Max Waynor, who is sent on a mission to a foreign country to get back the supersonic war plane. To accomplish this mission you must undertake and complete several levels in each region on the earth. On your mission you will encounter many enemy war planes, helicopters and Tankers in various terrains like city, deserts, island groups, icy lands, barren lands etc. To aid you in this mission, you will get certain health packs and special weapons. Making use of these items is a vital role of success.

console games
7Seas develops fantastic awesome 3D console games of all genres. Dare 2 Hunt is India’s first Third person 3D fantasy Role Playing Game. The story of the game revolves round a heroic personality who uncovers the mystery behind a prophecy. This mega project is under construction.

Dare 2 Hunt
Dare2Hunt is a fantasy adventurous third person role playing 3D game. The story revolves around the journey of the tribal personality and the cracking the mystery behind it.

Online games:
7Seas Develops free online single / multiplayer games for all type of genres. Popular games : Mouze Maze ( award winning ), Turbo Spirit, Alex Trax, Desi Cricket League, PowerMan, UnicornRider, Pinky-InPark etc. Play more and earn more. To play these exciting games, please visit www.onlinerealgames.com

7Seas Technologies Ltd has taken over the international online gaming brand Neodelight. The brand includes the portal www.neodelight.com and was formed by the German company Neokolor GbR. The newly acquired portal features more than 300 online casual games which can be optionally played with a joypad. We hereby announce that Neodelight.com from now on is a part of 7Seas Technologies Limited. www.neodelight.com Popular Games: TurboSpirit, Alex-In-Danger, AlexTrax, The Soldier etc..

7Seas Technologies Limited,
3rd Floor, Koti’s court, Raj Bhavan Road,
Somajiguda, Hyderabad 500 082, INDIA.

Phone:+91 40 30686161/62 ,
Fax :+91 40 30686163.


Website: www.7seastech.com


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