RETAS (Revolutionary Engineering Total Animation System) is a 2D animation software bundle developed and sold by Celsys that's available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It handles the entire animation production from digitally drawing or tracing to exporting in Flash and QuickTime, and is considered to be a leader in Japan's anime industry.

RETAS!PRO is sold as four different software in which each of them handle different tasks in the animation process.

STYLOS is a vector and raster graphics editor used to draw the key frames and inbetweens of a scene. It is capable of multiple layers, onion skinning, erasing vector lines, thickening the lines, etc. The software was Celsys's recently released product for studios or individuals that want to work in a paperless workflow.

Traceman is a scanning software that supports 48-bit scanning, traces scanned lines, and edits images. It was one of the main tools to produce the animation before Celsys released Stylos.

PaintMan color images made in STYLOS and TraceMan.

CoreRETAS composites, renders, and exports the animation. The process is similar to the traditional shooting of cels and backgrounds with an animation camera. It features panning, multiplane effects, moving images, and exporting to FLASH, Quicktime, and AVI (Windows Only).

In 2005, the new versions of RETAS!PRO were released as RETAS!PRO HD, which is capable of vector graphics on all of them. The previous versions could only handle raster graphics except Stylos.

RETAS Studio
As of December 18, 2008, Celsys replaced their RETAS!PRO HD software with RETAS studio. RETAS studio is Celsys's latest and competitively-priced animation software that incorporates the entire 4 RETAS products into one package.


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