Electric Image Animation System

Electric Image Animation System (EI Technology Group) is a 3D animation and rendering package available on both Mac OS X and Windows. Mostly known for its rendering quality and
rendering speed it does not include a built-in modeler. EIAS features the ability to handle very large polygon counts. Recently, the blockbuster film "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the
Black Pearl" and the Television hit "Lost" utilized the software. Electric Image, Inc. was initially a visual effects production company. They developed their own in-house 3D animation and
rendering package for the Macintosh beginning in the late 1980s, calling it ElectricImage Animation System. When the company later decided to offer their software for sale to others, it quickly gained a customer base that lauded the developers for the software's exceptionally fast rendering engine and high image quality. Because it was capable of film-quality output on
commodity hardware, ElectricImage was popular in the movie and television industries throughout the decade.


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