PixelPerfx™ transform the definition for “EXISTENCE” aiming to create a cosmos of creative craft converting every non-existent creature to a new charged creature of motion. Pixelperfx™ defy the conventional norms of characterization to enter a new captivating world of conceptualization that peeks far beyond cognitive capabilities. We strive to capture a spirit of endurance that surpasses the imaginative boundaries of human perception.

Pixelperfx™ takes pride in a self-motivated and self-directed team with diversified skills in a wide range of artistic disciplines ranging from creative conception, interactive designing, animation to filmmaking. Technically absolute with immaculate professionalism we believe in creating benchmarks in every undertaking.

We always knew what we loved to do – Through Pixelperfx™ we figured out how to create that remarkable difference with our passions. We see our dreams unfold at a phenomenal pace transforming the domain of virtual artistry.

Our Team:

  • We offer customized services targeted to meet your requirements.
  • We rely on creativity and originality to capture the illusive essence of imagery to deliver spectacular artistic effects.
  • Our commitment lies with your contentment.
  • We are ready to cater to a wide set of manifold projects of diverse nature.
  • We are dynamic and incredibly easy to work with.
  • We are equipped with the knowledge, skill and attitude to create that distinguished feel you seek to set your product/service apart.
  • We can cater to all budget demands and reduced turn-around time with absolutely no compromise on quality.
  • We build enduring relationships with our clients.

Film Making:

We yearn for the applause, when the curtain raises, the ambience is dark and only a single glare of eyes anticipates the artistry which seeks to view a sea of faces with varied expression. This is crucial because for the audience to react to your filmed concept, they have to feel, internalize and react becoming an integral part of the film. Pixelperfx™ reveres for such a reinvigorating response. We would assist you walk through this fascinating world of top-notch entertainment – pre-production, production and post-production phases. Initiating from the basic premise, we ask the who, what, when, where and why questions expanding every minuscule idea into your story.


  • Pre-Production Art
  • Concept Design & Development
  • Production Design
  • Story Boarding
  • Corporate Films
  • Short Film Making
  • Documentary Film Making


Animation makes it realistic to simulate any concept or thought of an imaginative, intangible idea amidst a conceptualized environment in a virtual space. Its dynamic drive and visibly vivid form of expression establishes the X-factor and quite simply put – it sets you apart. Possibilities are limitless and we can assist you bring it to reality.

From storyboard to screen, we can breathe life into any illusive concept. Perfection is reflected in every phase of our work be it scripting, conceptual development, storyboarding or character designing. Moreover we offer a wide spectrum of services that cater to your customized demands. Our team specializes in providing the right visual effect, lighting and color grading every aspect effectively balanced for the picture perfect effect. You will grasp this as every aspect of your concept will be tailor-designed with a flawless mark-up.


  • Character Design
  • BG Design and Developement
  • Concept Design & Development
  • Story Boarding
  • 2D/Traditional Animation
  • Digital/Flash Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Animation Film



Ad filmmaking offers a modernistic communicative approach opening novel vistas of opportunities for brand positioning and promotion. We assist you communicate most effectively with clarity and character that will almost instantly connect you with your consumers. We offer a plethora of services with keen focus on a creative script, illusive visuals and mastered behind-the-scene crafts that carries the message to your consumers with clarity and precision. A carefully designed process would be customized and strategized in concordance to your needs and specifications.

We believe in creating our own paradigm of innovation that always strikes the bull’s eye when it comes to expression through ads. The conceptualized theme is targeted to strike the right chord with the message you intend to convey. This is perfectly harmonized with the nature of the product, length of the broadcast and is blended with articulately designed art work and typography.


  • Print Ad Design
  • Concept Design & Development
  • Story Boarding
  • Animation Commercials
  • Film/TV Commercials
  • Online/Web Ads
  • Website Design
  • Flash

CG Art:

Choosing a visual communication medium in order to design, assemble and integrate illustrative ideas to transform the unreal world of illusory images to a real tangible form of visualization is a rewarding experience.

There are no steering wheels on this roller coaster. When one surrenders to the power of a visionary journey transporting the mind to an out-of-the body experience a virtual creation manifests itself as a dream. We believe in the magic created thereafter.

Technical supremacy without creative insight is worthless as are a pair of shoes to a lame man. We believe in the convergence of work both technically and creatively. We are bundled with artists with a perfect ensemble of tools & talent to offer splendid simulations that will be custom-designed to match your requirements. Every articulate aspect of the graphics work be it the visual effects, color & contrast effects, multi-image layouts, animation or graphic imaging we can assure you a fanciful visual delight.


  • Complete Print Media Design solutions
  • Online/Web Design solutions
  • Concept Design & Development
  • Photography
  • Illustrations
  • Compositing
  • VFX
  • Engineering Graphics

Contact Us

Location: Banglore, India

Email: pixelperfx@gmail.com

Phone: +91 9590931500

Website: http://www.pixelperfx.com


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