DIGITOONZ is a full-service animation studio specializing in the development and production of 2D, 3D and motion-comic animation for the global publishing and entertainment industry. We deliver animated content that is published on TV, DVDs, mobile, internet and other interactive platforms.

digiToonz leverages its India advantages of highly-skilled talent and cost efficiencies. Our creative and production teams, client service, breadth of experience and technological savvy helps us in surpassing clients expectations.

Our client relationships are built upon professionalism, trust and responsiveness. This quality standard helps us to achieve our ultimate goal of promoting our clients' success.

Our competitive advantage over other studios is that of our ability to provide high quality animation within a greatly reduced production schedule at a fraction of the cost.

Pre-Production (Character Development, Concept Development, Storyboarding, Layout Development etc.)
Flash Animation
2D Animation
3D Animation
Digital Art Development
E learning (K12 & Corporate)
Flash Game Development
Video Production

Contact Details:
Email: info@digitoonz.com

For Business Inquiry:
Vikas Kumar
Chief Executive Officer
Mobile: 91 9811569906
Email: vikas@digitoonz.com

For Career:
Syed Nadim Akhtar
Mobile: 91 9958799166
Email: nadim@digitoonz.com

Website: http://www.digitoonz.com


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