Mile Nine Studios

Based in Mumbai and Toronto, Mile Nine is a state of the art studio designed to provide you with spectacular visuals for all your graphical and Digital needs across Games, Advertising and Television industries.



Pre - Production :

With a wide array of excellent Concept Artist, Character Designers (gestures, expressions, turn-arounds,) Layout Artists, Storyboard Artist, Scene Planners, Background Artist, Matte Painters and Copywriters; we make sure that the base is strong and neat. This enables us to work in a structured form with minimal mistakes and maximum time benefits. The pre-production process is the most important process as it is the guide for the whole project. Therefore, at Mile Nine, extra care is taken to make sure that every small aspect is taken into consideration and every detail is finalized.

Production :

Our team is well equipped in both skill and technical knowhow, to produce results that exceed client expectations. With the help of our, state of the art studio and a chain of skilled staff, we have become veterans at our work. By means of vast and comprehensive processes of Modeling, Rigging, Texturing, Animation, F/X animation, Lighting and Compositing, a reel is created in its most basic and rough stage. Whether the style is realistic or cartoony, we make sure that we concentrate on the detailing of every character, object and background even if it is in the tertiary.

Post Production :

With our incredible Editors, Sound Technicians, F/X artist and Artistic Renderers we create the Work Print and the Rough Cut. It is here that every detail is checked and rechecked all over again and finally, with the last nod from the director the reel originates.

Game Development:

Our Mafia makes games with avidity for the reason games are made, to simply entertain. The games we make are fresh, challenging, interactive and accessible. We keep our focus on providing supreme Game Play, an outstanding story and Spectacular Graphics to match them. Our ardor towards gaming cant be defined in words. You have to play it... to know it.

Flash Online Games

With a skilled team of Game Programmers and versatile Artists creating stunning imagery Mile Nines mafia produces the best quality of Flash Games seen in the industry today. Our Mafia is excellent in developing Flash games in a flash !

Smart Phone : IOS & Android

Our Mafia develops IOS and Android games for various markets and genres. Our programmers have mastered the art of good gameplay and interactivity. With new Tablet´s and smart phones coming out each day, our Research and Development team makes sure that the Mafia is always updated.

Social Media Games

We are good at generating large crowds as well as turning them into your loyal mob. From establishing Target Groups, to Product Understanding as well as Advertising Campaign Integration, our Mafia is proficient. We make sure that your pages achieve appropriate views and feedback. The Mile Nine mafia is exceptional with Customer Relationship management.

Mobile Game Development

The Mile Nine Mafia is adept at developing high quality games for mobile phones. We also carry out the process of porting the game to various models and makes. The Mile Nine Mafia is very mobile with creativity when it comes to developing Mobile games.



601, Hyde Park, Saki Vihar Road,
Saki Naka, Andheri - E,
Mumbai - 400 072
Maharastra, India.

Phone : +91 22 2857 7979


47 Honbury Road,
ON - M9V1W5

Phone : +1 647-217-5686



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