Autodesk Flare

Autodesk Flare
Autodesk® Flare™ software is a creative companion to Autodesk® Flame® and Autodesk® Inferno® visual effects software. Flare provides artists with an interactive 3D compositing environment and industry-leading tools for video, 2K digital cinema, and 4K feature film post-production.

Flare allows you to expand your workflow with:
A creative toolset that allows artists to take advantage of the same Batch functionality as Flame and Inferno, as well as the Action 3D compositing environment and other award-winning creative tools.
A compatible creative subset of Flame and Inferno which allows you to develop internal talent by providing access to the Flame creative toolset to junior artists and add value to your Flame suite by expanding capacity.
A scalable way to increase your creative capability as you can attach multiple seats of Autodesk Flare to your Flame or Inferno suite. Floating licenses provide flexibility within your facility.

Flare Workflow

Flare is the creative companion to Autodesk® Flame® and Autodesk® Inferno® visual effects software. Flare helps you expand your creative capacity and fits easily into your existing pipeline.

3D Blur Tool

The 3D Blur tool uses vector passes and z-depth maps to create optical blurs like those generated by lenses. The blurs can be animated.

Normal Mapping

ToolUse the Normal Mapping tool to relight rendered 3D scenes without going back into a 3D application.

Enhanced 3D Text Tool

3D path is a new 3D spline object in Action. Character-focused animations enable you to animate letters individually and cascade an animation across letters.

RED ONE Support

Autodesk® WiretapCentral™ software provides parameters to optimize import properties and color management settings, providing an easy and efficient way to import RED ONE R3D™ format files directly into storage. RED files can be imported as isolated files or in a batch using an EDL file or an Apple® Final Cut Pro® XML file to dramatically enhance efficiency.

Floating-Point Processing

Integrate CG content into complex scenes in the Action 3D compositing environment thanks to extended support for floating-point processing in Batch nodes. This support provides greater control over 16-bit file formats such as OpenEXR® image files.

Keying and Rotoscoping
Tracking and Stabilization
Color Correction
2D and 3D Text
Warping and Morphing
Image Processing: Plug-ins, Filters, and Optics
Motion Estimation Timewarp
Animation: Channel Editor
Advanced Media Player
Monitor Calibration and Film Tools
Audio Tools
Input/Output (I/O)
Workflow and Productivity


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