Turtle in Motion Studios

Turtle in Motion Studios

Turtle in Motion Studios is a group company of RDB Organization which has been engaged in production and distribution of movies and Television series since 30 years. Steered by Mr. R D Bansal and Mr. Kamal Bansal, their Companies have produced several National and International Award winning films including six films directed by the world famous director Satyajit Ray (Oscar Awardee for Life time achievement). The Group is engaged in the imports, distribution, exhibition and financing of Motion pictures & Television programmes . They also have diversified interests such as in Real Estate and CD ROM publishing.

Advantage Turtle In Motion
Highly proficient in Imaging Software.
Expert and professional animation services.
Quick turnaround time.
High-quality services.

At, Turtle In Motion, we have strategically aligned our delivery operations to provide rapid turnaround of rendering and digital modeling projects while maintaining or exceeding quality. We execute basic to advanced 2d and 3d animation projects using tools like Vray, Mud box, Z Brush and Maya, and work as a cost efficient extended design studio for our clients. Turtle In Motion has forayed in the follwing avenues:

The success of any production is directly related to the amount and quality of the pre-production. Time spent at this stage is time wisely spent. It can provide clarity regarding the presentation of your movie.A careful preproduction planning can reduce the production cost of the movie by enabling you to make less mistakes and eventually make less compromises.
That’s a reason why here at Turtle In Motion, we provide this service in order to streamline the production process.
Whether you’re an experienced producer or it’s your first venture, you will enjoy working with us. So, if you have an idea for a video but not sure how to get started? Turtle In Motion can guide you through this very important pre-production phase. We provide following services.

Background and Character Design:
Based on our in-depth experience, we realize that a proper character design plays a pivotal role in the success of any production. A story has characters and each character requires some personality. These personalities needs an appearance in order to come on the screen.
Character designing in a nut shell, just implies, that we are supposed to create stars through the might of pencils.
Consequently, our creative skill set extends beyond mere execution—our team includes artists and character designers who are highly proficient in creating just the right character and other assets for your production.
Input: Story, Script
Output: Conceptual design, Color keys, Model Sheet

Storyboarding and Animatics:
Another important stage in the preproduction of any animation and VFX production is Storyboards. We begin the process of creating an animation by first creating a storyboard.
The storyboard lays out the sequence of events that are to be contained in the movie. This aids the animators, director, and clients to have a better visualization of the concept. The flow of a movie can be seen by viewing the storyboard. This makes it easier for the animators to visualize scenes. All confusion and anxiety about how a scene might look on the screen is solved at this stage and ensure the production process to be completed within budget.
Our artists take great efforts in making a storyboard more interesting and visually rich, to make it viable for the client to see the final output in as realistic manner as possible.
Once the storyboard is finalized we mock them up in a sequence with respect to the soundtrack to give it a sense of timing. This helps the director to visualize the story much better.
Input: Script, rough sound track
Output: Thumbnail Storyboard, Colored Storyboard Sheets, Animatics
Turtle in Motion is the answer to all your preproduction blues. The creative team at our disposal will ensure your success.

At Turtle In Motion we offer a complete range of animation services ranging from animated TV episodes to full-length feature films, from animated documentaries to commercials and integration of Live Action with Computer Graphics.
Turtle In Motion is a place where creativity is a passion. A strong creative force of specialists back up our studio, which includes creative heads, scriptwriters, artists, modelers, animators, SFX & VFX artists, editors and voice artists. In particular, we cater to the following industries:
-- 3D Animated Series
-- Full Length Feature films
-- Game Animatics
-- Visual effects for films
-- Documentary Animation
-- TV Commercials
-- Medical Animation

At Turtle In Motion we excel in affordable Visual Effects and Motion Graphics for Film, TV and Commercials, providing visual effects services and high-end post production.VFX (Visual Effects) is often considered too expensive for most budgets, but with today’s software and hardware advances, talented digital artists, high-speed internet, and careful shot planning and supervision, feature-quality VFX can now be produced within low to medium costs, anywhere in the world. With the integration of these elements and years of experience in cinema aethetics, great looking VFX can be created to make your story achieve larger than life proportions.
What we do ??
-Visual Effects for commercials (required: raw footages, references, audio files)
-Visual Effects for Film (required: same as above)
-Removal / Inserts (required: raw footage)
-Particle Effects (required:usually nothing)
-Colorgrading (required: references and raw footages)
-3D tracking / Matchmoving (required: raw footage)
-VFX supervision (required:nothing)
-Design (required: concept sketches, references)
-Photo reconstruction (required: raw footage)
-Training / Podcasts (required: concept ideas)
-Video galleries (required: raw footages)

We also assist in:
Handling a VFX project from conception through to completion
Script analysis/breakdown.
Manage and direct the technical, artistic, and production personnel
Various visual effects techniques with emphasis on camera set-ups and filming with an eye for composition and camera work.
Accurately predict timing and associated costs of project
Collaborate on the bidding and negotiation processes
Equipment / Gear / Software:
Here at Turtle in Motion we are equipped with the latest in hardware and software technology. Our labs boast of:
-HD Cameras
-Blue/Green Screen
-Realtime Keying System
-VFX Workstations
-Render Farm
-Leading Software Technologie

3D Architectural Visualization
We at Turtle in Motion are specialized to cater to all your 3D visualization needs.
What is 3D Architectural Visualization ??
Also known as photo-real renderings, complex 3d modeling and rendering software is used to create life-like images. These are mostly done for 3D interior or exterior designing, presentation and marketing purposes. Architectural 3D models of right proportion, scale and even real life textures, materials, color and finishes are often used. 3D architectural renderings come in various types specific to their particular use:
* Still renderings
* Walk through and fly by animations (movie)
* Virtual Tours
* Panoramic Renderings
* Floor Plan renderings
* Renovation Renderings (photomontage)
* and others

3D architectural renderings play major role in real estate sales. It also makes possible to take design related decisions well before the building is actually built. Thus it helps experimenting with building design and its visual aspects. In fact our skill has reached a stage where we can render complex 3D scenes to produce images that can be easily mistaken for photographs .
Composition is one of the most important parts of 3d architectural visualization. The digital framing of the building or interior space is very important to sell the space or the image to the client. Most of the architecture visualizers skip this step and so produce very inferior images.
We at Turtle In Motion make sure that the finer details are preserved in making your product a grand success at a fraction of the cost.

Website: http://www.outsource3d.com


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